Cautions/Notions For Wildborn Cross-Platform
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Cautions/Notions For Wildborn Cross-Platform

Dear players,

Before entering the world of Wildborn through PC, please check the below cautions. 

1. Before Playing Wildborn Cross-Platform Version (PC - Mobile)...

- If you are playing with your Guest Account, please integrate your Guest Account to STOVE Account.

- If you are playing with Apple account (iOS), you will not be able to play Cross-Platform version due to platform's party policy.

- If you have signed up with Twitter, you cannot play Corss-Platform version.

Please remember, only STOVE, Google, and Facebook Accounts are able to play Cross-Platform Version.

(Twitter, Apple, Guest Accounts cannot play Wildborn Cross-Plaform)

(STOVE, Google, and Facebook accounts can play Wildborn Cross-Platform)

2. For Item Purchases in Wildborn Cross-Platform...

All the payment window in Wildborn Cross-Platform use Google Chrome as default.

Since IE's official support is now over, please install Chrome for smooth gameplay and payment.

Hope the above post helps you!

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