[Notice] 6/24 Patch Notes
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[Notice] 6/24 Patch Notes [2]

This is TeeTiny, the global community MMORPG.

We would like to inform you of the changes that will be implemented after the second inspection following the inspection performed on 6/24.
Please see below for more details.

◈ Updates
1. Balance Adjustment
- Damage received from the Ancient Pyrokinetic Dragon Lionel, the 5th floor boss of the Goddess Tower, decreased.

2. Changes to Content
- Waiting time before and after a boss fight, decreased
- Before a boss fight: 15 seconds → 5 seconds
- After a boss fight: 20 seconds → 10 seconds

3. Other Modifications and Improvements

- Issue in which other players were appearing in white

- Issue in which the auto-translation feature was not functioning properly

- Issue in which faulty text was being displayed when inviting someone into a party

- Issue in which text in some areas was being displayed in Korean

- Issue in which the game shut down on its own when a Guardian Spirit reached a certain Rank

- Other issues related to the game's abnormally shutting down.

Thank you.

포스트 2
알림이 해제되었습니다.

the 10th floor boss the cage skill of the boss not breakable even if we attack the cage 

請問守靈進化任務可以24級的時間在給玩家解嗎 ?

現在還沒24級,只要進到守靈頁面,就會一直跳出進化教學 ...

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