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[Notice] Issues Confirmed Following CBT Launch (6/26 Additional Issue) [2]


This is TeeTiny, the global community MMORPG.

We would like to inform you about a number of issues that have been confirmed following the CBT launch.

We are currently investigating them, and we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

◈ Issues

1) Issue where, when clicking on the special housing tab in-store, the relevant items are not being displayed.

2) Issue where, when attempting to upgrade equipment before starting the tutorial on upgrading equipment, the tutorial will not proceed.

3) Issue where, when playing on PC, the auto-translation system does not function in World Chat.

4) Issue where, in particular regions, a language different from the language set in game is being displayed.

  I. After changing the language settings, paid items are being displayed in the language that was set prior to updating the language settings.

  II. In-game events are not being displayed in the set device language.

     While this issue itself has been fixed, we have confirmed that it may still occur intermittently on PC.

     If this concerns you, please reinstall the game. As for AOS users, please update the game from the Play Store.

5) Issue in which, upon entering the boss room after the 6/25 patch, the player cannot enter as the player is ejected from the party.

Thank you.

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