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Current Events

[Event] Social Media Event

Dear all.

This is TeeTiny Online, Global Community MMORPG.

Spread news about TeeTiny's CBT

so that more adventurers can join us.

We'll draw for winners and give out Fashion Chest coupon you can use after official game release.

[Event Details]

■ Scheduled 

- 6/23/2022 - until CBT ends (7/7/2022)

■ How to participate

- Share the CBT page or YouTube video on your social media.

 - You can participate on any social media platform, but make sure to upload the post public so that others can see the event. 

- Leave a comment with the URL of the post, and that's it! 

- Go to [CBT page

- Go to [YouTube video]

■ Rewards

- Fashion Chest for 30 random winners

■ Winner Announcement

- We'll announce winners and give out coupons in July


※ Please keep the post online until the event ends. You won't be eligible for participation if the post is deleted before the event ends. 

※ Please keep the post public so that others can see.

We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

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