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Current Events
Current Events

[Event] Floor Climb Event

Dear all.

This is TeeTiny Online, Global Community MMORPG.

We prepared events regarding TeeTiny's key content,

the Goddess Tower!


■ Schedule

 - 6/23/2022 - until CBT ends (7/7/2022)

■ Event 1. Proof shot of clearing floor boss 

How to participate 

- On whichever floor, take a proof shot after clearing the floor boss. 

- You can participate by posting your nickname and screenshot on our Floor Climb Proof board! 

- We'll give out food combo coupon you can use after the official game release. 

- Go to [Floor Climb Proof] board


- Food combo coupon for 30 random winners

■ Event 2. Climb to the highest floor possible 

How to participate 

- You'll be automatically participated. 

- Climb to the highest floor possible before CBT ends!

- After CBT closes, we'll pick TOP 3 climbers who reached the highest floor! 

- We'll give out coupons for 100 crystals.


- 100 crystals for TOP 3 climbers

■ Winner Announcement 

- We'll announce winners and give out coupons in July


※ Rewards will be given only when you log-in to the game with the account you used on community.

Challenge yourself to be the honorable TOP 3!

We look forward to your participation.

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