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[Notice] Second CBT Details [8]

This is the global community MMORPG, TeeTiny.

Thank you all for waiting for the second CBT.
We'd like to introduce you to TeeTiny before the second CBT.

■ Schedule
- 6/23/2022 (Opening Time TBA)

■ Languages
- 6 languages available: Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Japanese, and Portuguese.

■ Features 
1. Global Community MMORPG
- One global server to allow interaction with adventurers around the world.
Real-time auto translation system to support seamless communication.

2. Unlimited classes
- In TeeTiny, your class is the weapon you use.
Choose your class freely depending on your combat strategy.

3. The two towers up for endless challenges

- PVE-based Goddess Tower for stories and quests,
PVP-based Tower of Trials for intense competitions!
Challenge yourself to reach the top floor.

4. Housing & Garden System
- Place the furniture for both interior decoration and character growth!
Decorate your house and garden with various theme.

5. Your reliable companion, Guardian Spirit
- Guardian Spirits with various elements can upgrade their skills.
Work with your Guardian Spirit for your adventures and combats.

6. PC and mobile! Multi-platform
- Enjoy seamless gameplay anytime, anywhere.
Supports optimized play for low-spec mobile devices!
Enjoy your play in any environment you want.

■ Event
   - We're working on various events to support your gameplay,
including mission accomplishing events.
We'll be posting various events on our community, so please visit us often.

■ Community
- You'll be redirected to the community page depending on your browser language.
Click the below menu to visit our community
to check out news from global adventurers!
(KR / EN / JP / CHT / PT)

■ System Requirements

※ The iOS version will be supported upon the official launch date.

TeeTiny supports multiple platforms so that you can enjoy the game both on PC and mobile devices.

See you soon in the interesting world of TeeTiny!

 We look forward to your support.

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