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[Notice] Preliminary Announcement for Second Closed Beta Test [31]


This is the global community MMORPG, TeeTiny.

We appreciate all the love and support we received during the previous CBT,
and we have great news. The second CBT will open soon!

■ Second Closed Beta Test
1. Schedule
 - Planned for June 2022.

2. Second CBT Preview
1) More Languages Added
- Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese have been added alongside English and Traditional Chinese,
making it a total of five languages that are supported at the time of this writing.

2) PC Version Support
- A PC version is being added to allow cross-platform gameplay on larger a screen.
- Players can now access and play the game on Mobile and on PC.

3) Character Customization Options Expanded
 - More features have been added to customize a character’s physical appearance, allowing for the creation of unique characters.

4) Systems Improved
- The party system has been upgraded to allow players to invite nearby climbers.
- The interface has been tidied up and made more intuitive, while the overall graphics have been enhanced.
 - Bugs from the first CBT have been resolved.


5) Much More Content Coming Soon
- Much more content is in the works for the second CBT.
- Community events are also being organized, so please visit the official website.

※ The CBT Schedule is Subject to Change.

We hope that the second CBT will be even more enjoyable than the first CBT, and that you continue
to appreciate the game. We will make a separate notice if any changes are made.


See you all in the world of TeeTiny!

Thank you.

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