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[Notice] Android Devices that cannot Run Supertank Blitz

Tank it Yourself! Super Tank Blitz!!
Hello, this is GM Patton.


We would like to inform you that some Android devices are unable to run Supertank Blitz due to conflicts with the Android system webview. If you are experiencing this issue when running Supertank Blitz, please delete the conflicting app and try to access the game again.


■ Troubleshooting for Android Devices that cannot Run Supertank Blitz

- Once 'Android system webview' is deleted, Heirs will be able to run Supertank Blitz

- How to Delete

   ① Run Google Play Store 

   ② Tap on the [ Upper Left Corner Menu(三) > My Apps & Games > Installed ] 

   ③ Select [ Android system Webview ]

   ④ Select Uninstall


Thank you.

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