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[Event] Guess who I am! (9/18) [40]


Tank it yourself, Super Tank Blitz!!

Hello, this is GM Patton.

Today we have an exciting new event for you.

All you have to do is answer a simple question!

See below for more information.

■ Guess who I am!

- Date: 9/18 (Fri) ~ 9/21 (Mon) 23:59 UTC

- Reward:

20 random people who participated in the event: 200 Gold + 1 Blitz Box

If total participants exceed number of 100, Every users will be rewarded with 100 Gold
(This reward can be increased every 100 participants by 30 Gold)

- Reward Date: 9/22 (Tue) before 23:59 UTC


See the picture and guess who that is!

HINT: Did he win the Nobel Prize?

Move to the website

Choose your answer in the multiple choices below and leave a comment.

Don't forget to include your PLAYER TAG in the comment. (ex: 3, asdf1234)


1. Ryan

2. Patton

3. Tesla

4. Sperry

※ Note:

i) Your player tag must be written in your comment. If your player tag is not correct, you will be disqualified.

Thank you

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