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Winner's Notice

[Notice] Winner's Notice for Get that BOSS Gift-card [11]


Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz!

Hello, this is GM Patton.


I hope you’re having a great day!

I'm here to announce winners for 30$ gift-cards!

Check the PLAYER TAG below.

If you won the reward, submit to the link below (Customer Services)


When you submit you must include following information.
(You must submit your information with the same account you participated in)

Gift-card pin number will be given to you through customer services.

Submission Period: 9/7 ~ 9/14 23:59 UTC (CAUTION! you will be disqualified if you do not meet the due date)

1. STOVE membership number

2. Contact info (E-mail address)

3. Player Tag

How to check your STOVE membership number

Thank you.

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