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[Update] 8/27 Update content [2]


TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz


Hello! This is GM Patton.


The 8/27 update has been completed.
Please see below for more information.

■ Daily items added

■ Season system added

: The season will reset on the first day of the month

: Season Points - Season Points will be distributed according to the acquired Trophy Points

: Season Points Shop - Purchase a Supply Box using Season Points

: Season Ranking - Maintain the Ranking of the previous Season after reset

: Season Reset - Trophy Points that exceed 500 will be exchanged to Season Points by 100 points max after the season ends

■ Boss Fight

: Clear through Easy/Normal/Hard mode. Once cleared, you cannot challenge again until reset

: Resets every Monday

: Achievements on boss fight added

■ Dash balance adjusted

: Dash will be canceled when hit by an opponent's Main Weapon

: Current - Maintain 70% or higher max speed for 2 seconds

: Expected - Maintain 50% or higher max speed for 2 seconds

■ Other Balance adjustments

: Repulsor Improvements

: Amount of Gold that can be acquired from Ultra Box will be adjusted from 100-200 to 100-300

: Amount of Gold required to purchase, create or share a Blueprint will be decreased from 100 to 50

: Anti Tank Mine - Rarity will be adjusted from Epic to Rare and it can be destroyed once it deployed

: MC Driver's Main Weapon angle will be adjusted from 45 degrees to be horizontal to the ground

: Commander facial expressions will be added from the battle result page

: Mail will now be delivered by GM Patton

: Sound effects for wheels will be adjusted according to the speed

■ Bug fixes

: An issue where it was not possible to use the Undo feature in Assemble will be fixed

: An issue where a junk block remains if you tap the New button when any block is selected instead of a Commander will be fixed

: An issue where it is able to use a skill two times when testing your tank will be fixed

: An issue where numbers of badges are not coordinated after opening the Blitz Box/Super Box will be fixed

: An issue where players were able to deal damage to grinders of Munitions Factory with Paul will be fixed

: An issue where certain Hero's cooldown was not recovered after being hit by Dash will be fixed

We will do our best to provide even better service.


Thank you.

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