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My E7 Email Got Hacked And Support Is Not Helping Me In My Account Recovery [1]

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  • 2020.08.26 22:40 (UTC+0)
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The way smile gates handle this situation is very unacceptable and disgusting in fact we need to raise awareness on the ownership of our accounts because this company clearly doesn’t give a **** or take these hacking seriously. I’ve heard many horror stories of people losing their accounts because their Email got hacked or they lost the password to their email and the customer support isn’t trying anything to recover the account. I’ve had an on going dispute with costumer support for nearly 3 weeks and all their reply was a string of excuses being lazy and extremely unhelpful even after I’ve sent them all the evidence of my ownership of the account (Silverkidd) including my receipts and the date the account was created their.

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    2020.08.27 14:09 (UTC+0)

    Hi, Commander! We're sorry to hear about what happened to your Epic Seven account. 

    To avoid getting your email hacked, we recommend that you take basic precaution steps on how to avoid it. 

    For example, keep your password updated, watch out for suspicious/phising emails, activate two-factor authentication, etc.

    Rest assured that we always do out best to help out our players.

    If you need further assistance, please contact Epic Seven Customer Support.

    -GM Paul

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