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My tank with Billy [1]

#billy #original #tank #mine 

Description : small tank with 2 anti-tank mine and a defence gadjet.

                       The level of my mines and my defence gadjet is 7.

                       The level of my Billy is 6. If yours are level 7 or more,

                       you can ad an another anti-tank mine or an auto-defence tourret.

How to play this tank :this tank are similar as my tank with Tommy : go right until your mines are fully loaded and go left.

 But you must try to knock down your opponent. For this, use all thd time all of your mine in the same times. when your ennemie are on the floor, you can : shoot him and dash him more easy.

Tips and tricks :

1. This tank is more effective in the volcanique island. 

2. If your oppenent touch 4 of your mines in the same time, you knock down her without your bullts. 

3. Targe the top of your ennemie's tank to knock down her more easy.

Thanks for reading this far. If you have any question or comments about this tanks, please post then in the comment. 

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    2020.08.26 13:38 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for sharing, Commander!

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