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My tank with Tommy [4]

#tommy #original #tank #anti_move #mine 

Desciption : medium tank with 2 anti-tank mines and a reload gadjet.

                      The reload gadjet is very important in this tank because you can use your power when it isn't


                      Actually, the level of my anti-tank mine is 5 and it's the same level for my reload gadjet.

                      The level of my Tommy is 6, but if yours as level 7 you can ad an anti-tank mine or an

                      Auto-defence tourrets or a drill if you are afraid by the melee.

How to play this tank :

 At the beggining of the match, go right.When hour mines are fully loaded, go left and use your mines ALL the time. Be careful not to back up too fast otherwise you will be blocked by the cliff. Favor a movement based on those of your opponent to lose as little land as possible.

 when you have your special power you win or almost. Because, from the moment you have blocked your opponent he will not be able to come back to you because of your mine and your almost constant special power.

Tips and tricks :

1. You can use the mines at the same time or shift them. It's up to you to see according to your opponent.

2. If you manage to put 4 mines in the same place and your opponent hits them all, he will be violently pushed back.

3. This tank is very effective in volcanic island.

4. If one of your mines touch one of your enemies mines, they are both destroyed.

Thanks for reading this far. If you have any question or any comantary for this tank, please post them in the comment. 

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  • 2020.08.20 05:29 (UTC+0)

    I suggest you use google translate, but sorry, I was laugh when reading the description 🤣🤣

  • 작성자 2020.08.20 08:48 (UTC+0)

    Don't worry, you can laught. I know, i'm ridiculus 😅

  • images
    2020.08.20 13:14 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for sharing this, Commander! 

  • 작성자 2020.08.20 19:21 (UTC+0)

    With pleasure

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