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[Update] 8/6 Update content (Extra event included!) [11]

TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz


Hello! This is GM Patton.


The 8/6 update has been completed.
Please see below for more information.

■ An item that can be purchased once per day will be added. 

■ A Summer-themed background image will be added.

■ The UI for the Ad button in the lobby will be changed.
: Watch an ad to acquire a Gold Key.

■ Commander Balance Adjustment
: The HP for Level 1 Commanders will be increased by 10%.
: Level 1 Jack's damage will be decreased from 150 to 120,
: Jack's damage will be decreased by 20%. (Excluding Level 1)

■ AI Balance Adjustment
: AI's Commander level will be adjusted to match the player's Commander level.

■ Bug Fixes
: An issue where Sperry's drone was destroyed along with the opponent's tank will be fixed.
: An issue where the game crashed during the upgrading a Sub Weapon tutorial will be fixed.

Extra Event!

Read through this update contents and leave a comment including how to improve the game!

10 people with nice idea will be rewarded with 50 Gold + 1 Blitz Box

(comment must include a idea to improve the game along with your player tag)

Schedule: 8/7 (Fri) ~ 8/11 (Tue) 23:59 UTC

We will do our best to provide even better service.


Thank you.

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    2020.08.06 08:03 (UTC+0)


  • 2020.08.06 08:36 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for nerfing Jack. We are very appreciate it, I hope the game will be more balance on the future

  • 2020.08.06 15:22 (UTC+0)

    Yeah. There was a day where the same 2 people were in Team Death match, and no one could win. Jack's were so overpowered, but I still used Patton! It's just so funny how she looks mad, and I love it!

    (Plus, the super cannon thing is great)

  • 2020.08.06 15:25 (UTC+0)

    NOW ALL I SEE IS PATTON!  :( But she gonna get nerfed too

  • 2020.08.07 02:11 (UTC+0)

    The nerf on jack it's a very good idea, thanks you. 

    Actually i think the power of tesla it's not very effective because : at the diffrence with sperry's drones, the power of tesla can't be cumulate and the drone is active a very long time after you using the tesla's power. 

    Anyway, if we forgot the point with tesla's power. I think, all commandant are balanced. 

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    2020.08.07 03:35 (UTC+0)

    My tag: f32trsn1

    My idea on how to improve the game:


    a. It could be at Ready phase, to signal with your teammate. Right now already have a green "Ready" bubble text. We just need more, such as BRB, LOL, smiley faces ... & "need to go to restroom" emoticon (really, I really need this, sometimes I was making winning streak with my friend and did not want him to think that I have been afk and leave) :))

    b. It could be at the very beginning of a match, to say Hi, Hello, Greetings ... or a slightly threaten to your opponent. The AI bot could do the same to us. Refer to the game Hearthstone for this feature.

    c. It could be at the end screen of a match when you are challenging your opponent for a rematch.

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    2020.08.07 03:55 (UTC+0)

    I have to separate to many posts because of 1000 chars limitation.

    The rematch feature

    "Challenge your opponent again" is great for keeping gamers engage but it seems not working smoothly yet (UI, UX). It feels like having bugs but I'm not sure it's a bug or because of the UX design and/or the simplified UI.

    Right now, if I want to rematch, I just tap close and start a new match. I feel that there is a very high chance I will meet that opponent again if he is still playing the same map. So, I bypassed the "Challenge again" feature because it is not convenient.

    Second, there are users who did not want to rematch, to meet same opponent again (as in General topics). Especially if we felt that the matching is not balance and did not tap ReMatch

    Third, the flow for players who keep playing in the same map is long at the moment. Must tap "Close" back to Home page => tap "Start" again.

    My suggestion: 3 buttons at the result page

    ReMatch  --- AnotherOpponent --- HomeBase (= means Close)

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    2020.08.07 04:13 (UTC+0)

    ... continue

    ReMatch: challenge again. Users definitely want to play again with that opponent to revenge / have fun / have 2 legs competition ...

    AnotherOpponent: Users want to play same map, same mode again, but with new opponent in the very next game (it's ok if he will match that opponent again in the next next game = third game). The flow is also shorter. Don't need to go back to Home Page and tap Start. The system could update user info in the background and bring user directly to "Search for player" page to wait there.

    HomeBase: the Close button at the moment. Users want to do something else, such as checking boxes, change map, change commanders, upgrade equipments ... It's a tank game not an app, so word like HomeBase / Home / Base ... is better than Close.

    It's just my 5 cents (from an unemployed game designer - so, you must know better than me :)

    I just love this game and want it to keep users engagement. Please keep up your hard and great work.

  • 2020.08.07 09:55 (UTC+0)

    Ideas for future update: Nerf jack (again), buff sphery and tesla turret, add emoticon in menu, add personal chat to friend, you can rematch with enemy up to 10 times (not 5 times), can add enemy as our friend, can add team as our friend in duo mode, banning bad word/swear word name, improve A.I., reduce lag in game, banning those AFK in duo mode. That's all thank you.    kglqie56

  • 2020.08.10 21:32 (UTC+0)

    Player Tag: 10hy0rcn

    Button binding especially for rockets and secondary weapons. Fire all of your rockets or secondary weapons simultaneously with 1 button.

    Let armor be moved to the top layer of tanks so we can hide secondary weapons and other sneaky things we may not want people to see.

    Introduce campaign missions that become progressively harder. Maybe a unique campaign for each tank commander that tells a little story about them. Who is Jack? Where did he come from? What challenges did he struggle with before he became a Super Tank Blitz commander? Why does he fight? You could do a story for each and release them 1 by 1 across the span of several months. Even if some people get bored many would return to see whose story/campaign comes next.

    Instead of all hero commanders, maybe you could introduce some villain choices as well. Maybe a rival MC for MC Driver. Maybe an escaped prisoner in black and white striped jail clothes or maybe even an angry bull since Jack is a cowboy. 

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