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Tired of fighting bots [1]

Hello first let me start by saying that I'm new to your Games but I truly love this game. So far I have had mostly great experience but like many other PvP game I have played players do loose interest from fighting bots and that includes paying players as well. I understand that you can't have a top tier player play a new player but you can't have top tier player only play against bots only.

I have gotten to know the bots personally and even though they seem like great codes im tired of watching them go boom. I was thinking of listing the Bots names but if you play long inoff you will notice the Sametime over and over or the same fighting pattern. Example they never charge at you and make contact. theirs many more but I will let players figure it out for them selfs to not ruin their game experience.

Multiple games find a way to balance the arena for players if they want to only want to fight other real players. while having in arena that is set up for level advancement with bots of the same level and players of the same level. wasnt sure if that was in option.

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    2020.08.03 04:16 (UTC+0)

    The current version doesn't have much gameplay features yet, only the Battle feature that requires high concurrent users (CCU).

    I heard that next roadmap will have PvE feature. Hope that will help.

    And if their Key Performance Index are good, more Ad campaigns will be launched => more fresh players => higher CCU => bot is no longer need.

    So, as early bird, I just keep hoping for the long run.

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