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[Event] Find Friends! [27]


TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz
 Hello, this is GM Patton.

We are pleased to announce that the “Welcome Board” will have its name changed to “Find Friends”

thanks to your suggestions.

 Along with the name change, there will be a “Find Friends” event. We hope that many of you will 

participate in this event. 

Please refer to the following information for more details.


Find Friends Event Details
How to participate:
1) Add your Player Tag on the board to find friends
2) Show off your unique characteristics to be the winner!
3) Bonus Event
    > Submit a screenshot of the sent friend invitation to earn a bonus

  2020/07/31 ~ 2020/08/09 23:59 (UTC)

 1) 50 Gold to all participants
 2) 100 additional Gold to 30 lucky players
 3) One bonus Blitz Box to those who submit a screenshot of the sent friend invitation.




Please Note
 Don’t forget to add your Player Tag!


We’ll continue preparing even more interesting events for you.

Thank you.

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