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TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz

Hello, this is GM Patton.


I am extremely excited to introduce a new event for everyone!


Thanks to the love and support you have shown to our previous “Vote for Your Commander” event, we have decided to give out 50 more gift cards as a reward!


See below for more detailed information.


★7 Day Check-in★


Details: Show your support for Super tank Blitz!

: You can show your support by leaving a comment on the event notice that is posted every day.

: There will be a total of 7 notices during the event period. The more you participate, the better your chance of winning a gift card!


Schedule: 2020/07/30 ~ 2020/08/05 23:59 (UTC)



20 random players who participated will be rewarded with 30 Gold + 1 Blitz Box (Every day)


Extra Special Reward: 50 players who have participated will receive a $30 gift card!

(This reward may differ according to your country.)

We hope that many of our players will participate in this event. 

Thank you

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