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Supertank Blitz Global Launch [2]


TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz

Hello! This is GM Patton.

I am here to announce the official launch of Super Tank Blitz!

Please see below for more details and for those who haven't yet pre-registered,

quickly register to receive rewards!

▒ Super Tank Blitz Official Launch Notice

▶ Schedule: 2020.07.23 01:00 UTC

▶ Target Countries: All(This schedule is subject to change.)


Go to Super Tank Blitz Pre-registration!

▼▼Vote for your Commander !▼▼

Go to Vote for your Commander !

▼▼Super Tank Blitz YouTube!▼▼

Go to Super Tank Blitz YouTube

It's almost time for Super Tank Blitz official launch.

We will be fully ready to provide you with the best gaming experience ever.

We thank you for your love and support.
Thank you.

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