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[Event] Vote for your favorite commander! [100]

  • OFFICIAL GM Patton
  • 2020.07.16 09:21 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 39047


TIY: Tank It Yourself! Super Tank Blitz 

This is GM Patton


We are halfway through summer and only one week is left until the official launch of Super Tank Blitz. 

(Clap Clap)

Before we Blitz onto your screen, we need to sort out one thing.

Commanders are having a quarrel about who is the most popular.

So we’ve prepared……! Drum roll, please!

★Vote for your Commander★


Details: Vote for the Commander you like the most! (You can only vote for one)

Schedule: 2020/07/16 ~ 2020/07/29 23:59 (UTC)


300 Participants: 30 Gold

1,000 Participants: 50 Gold

3,000 Participants: Blitz Box

The rewards above will be given to all players!

(Only the highest achievement reward will be given. If 3,200 players participated, only the Blitz Box will be rewarded.)

★How to double your chance of winning the gift card★

Move to the event page

Extra Special Reward: 50 players who have participated will receive a $30 gift card!

(This reward may differ according to your country.)

We hope that many of our players will participate in this event. 

Thank you



Vote for your favorite commander!

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