Big Cheater of Server and Players: pow


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불량 이용자 신고

Big Cheater of Server and Players: pow

Less than 2 hours ago, I had 3000+ medals.  Now, I have 2000 medals.  I lost 1000+ medals within 2 hours, and I was being battled only a few times (at least that's what my battle log show).

My "Battle Log" shows as follows, starting from 2 hours ago until present:

[2 hours ago, starting medal is 3000+]

Defeat to "pow", -23 medals, -1h 57m

Defeat to "pow", -16 medals, -1h 54m

Defeat to "Bebemoth", -1 medal, -1h 41m

Defeat to "pow", -1 medal, -1h 39m

Defeat to "pow", -1 medal, -1h 30m

Defeat to "pow", -1 medal, -1h 29m

Defeat to "pow", -1 medal, -1h 27m

Defeat to "pow", -1 medal, -1h 18m

Defeat to "wria" (unable to type foreign name), -1 medal, -1h **

Defeat to "呜呜", -1 medal, -52m 20s

Defeat to "呜呜", -1 medal, -45m 32s

[At this point, my medals have dropped to about 2000]

If we calculate from the above, my total of medal lost is only 48.  However, during this period, I had actually lost 1000+ medals.  

This is pure hacking from player.  When I looked at replay of defeat to "pow", the defeat is instant.  Instant Defeat is not the worst part.  I believe somehow the player has hacked into the game server or provided false data to the game server so that I continue to lose medals but these battles do not show up in my battle logs.  If this goes on, there is no point in playing this game any longer.  This means that there is no point in fighting for high ranking.  Ranking only goes to hackers and cheaters.

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작성 시간 2022.06.26

전 이게임을 하지않습니다

2022.06.26 04:39 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.06.25

오랫만에 로아하려고 stove 로그인했는데 로아는 작업장으로 영정먹어져있고 이게임은 머지...?


2022.06.25 15:51 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.06.25

Big Cheater of Server and Players: pow


2022.06.25 10:05 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.06.20

아이디 삭제해주세요


2022.06.20 17:11 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.06.07

Cheater: Carel FF


2022.06.07 08:20 (UTC+0)