He is a thief, not a cheater.


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불량 이용자 신고


불량 이용자 신고

He is a thief, not a cheater. [3]

I would like to say in advance that there may be some strange expressions as this is a translation from J a p a n e s e by DeepL. Please understand.

I am ししじょーぐー [ry0yjtax].

If the reason Carel FF [vf7js2e8] cannot be punished is because there is no evidence, that is not a reason.

Because he is cheating in a way that leaves no evidence.

He intentionally loses in an attack, accumulates it in his battle history, then cancels that history in some illegal way, and as a result, somehow gains a huge number of victory points.

Because he gains winning points by fraudulently undoing his history, there is absolutely no evidence of his cheating behavior. Only by seizing the scene of the crime can we find out what he is really doing.

Also, the opponent whose battle history is canceled by him loses a huge number of victory points.

This is equivalent to stealing victory points from the opponent, and should no longer be called cheating, but rather an act of theft.

Isn't my testimony and his ridiculous maximum winning score of 13,000 enough evidence?

If punishment is to be meted out, it must be a deterrent or it will be meaningless. Of course, Carel FF must be permanently banned.

I would also like to say that the recently implemented penalty for other cheaters is only a 3-day account suspension, which is not a deterrent at all.

This will drive decent players out of the game.

Even the healthy players in our clan have uniformly lost motivation to play the game.

As a competitive game, good players are an asset to the game.

I would like to strongly appeal to the management to take more serious measures against cheaters.

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Yes, I've experienced it and now I have a new router :D

It is only common sense that Carel FF is a cheater.

I do agree bro

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작성 시간 2022.04.29

로아만 하는 유저인데 [1]


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작성 시간 2022.04.27

제 계정 신고


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작성 시간 2022.04.11

He is a thief, not a cheater. [3]


2022.06.15 06:12 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.03.26

커닝 길드, 50명의 부정행위자는 가능한 한 빨리 커닝 플레이어를 처리해 주세요

2022.03.26 04:23 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2022.03.18

hacker user :( [1]

2022.03.22 11:51 (UTC+0)