Cannot find Clan Enemy to Fight (for a number of days!)


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Cannot find Clan Enemy to Fight (for a number of days!) [1]

Our clan has been waiting/searching for 3 to 4 days for Clan Match.  We are still waiting and searching.  Is this a bug?  

Members have been leaving our clan due to this unreasonable wait/search.

Please change your algorithm to easier find enemy clan to match.  One way to easily fix this is to extend the search range for match every 24 hours.  For instance, if original match range is -30 to +30, if cannot find match in 1 day then change range to -60 to +60.  If still cannot find in another 1 day, then change range to -90 to +90.  Still cannot find in 1 day, change range to -120 to +120.  And so on.

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Another way to solve this problem is by automatic clan match when clan have not search for clan match for 3 consecutive days.  So, let's say a Clan with 500 medals have not search for a clan match for more than 3 days, then this clan will be matched against another active clan who had started a Search for Clan Match (with clan medals 500, 499, 498, .... all the way to 0).  So, this will advance the active active clan and steadily drop the non-active clan medals.

FYI, my clan have waited for more than 10 days for a clan match assignment.  This wait is ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

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Pls fix the encoding problem


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Cannot find Clan Enemy to Fight (for a number of days!) [1]


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