There is a new cheat in the game! Hacking the game for resources.


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불량 이용자 신고


불량 이용자 신고

There is a new cheat in the game! Hacking the game for resources. [2]

Hello, stove!

There is a new cheat in the game! Hacking the game for resources.

A bit of backstory. 

Stupid clan combat system has led to the creation of enclaves that try to take the first place in the top 1 clans, using support clans. Our AMT clan has repeatedly asked to change the combat system, but our requests have been ignored. I propose to increase the number to search for an opponent's clan from +-32 to +-64, and add a subtraction counter so that each clan loses 1...5 rating points each day if its battle search is turned off. This way the top table will get rid of inactive clans and it will be unprofitable to keep a lot of support clans. 

Our opponent "clan Hyperborea" originally used cheats and bugs to win matches.Then, in personal communication we were able to convince them not to use cheats during the matches. But they took another easy way - the use of cheats for pumping accounts. In addition to super pumping by hacking the client they use multi-accounts access to which have multiple people. We have already written about it, but our requests have been ignored. Also, the man who uses cheats wages war in our chat room, the game badly needs the ability to limit entry into the clan on the level of the player. 

So: please consider several accounts that have been illegally pumped up to 29 lvl.

Also this player rocked with cheats and 30 lvl

Our reports about him were ignored 

How to check cheaters? 

Take the total amount of experience and divide by the number of battles, and get the coefficient which tells us about theft. 394000 / 529 = 749 

Consider the average player, even 28 lvl. 253870/12034 = 21

Consider the account KotBegemot: 1063902/88068 = 12 

Accordingly, the lower the number, the less was real money in the account and more time was devoted to the game. Conversely, if the number is large, then in front of us or cheater! or player investing money. The administrator can easily check it!

Apart from those 10 accounts, they made multi-accounts with several people. The administrator can check it by number of devices on one account and their deletion locally.  And also some of them probably went through technology with cheats to hack the game resources, especially it can be seen at number 5! 

and one more

Also in this clan is the practice of transferring and old accounts to each other! What we wrote about and again did not get any response from the administration.

We believe that any account caught using cheats should be banned forever. 

The use of cheats in the match has been ignored for over a year! There is video evidence:

Now these cheaters are all 28 lvl, it is worth noting that despite the cheats in the match, they have not stooped to stealing game resources. But they should still be banned by the rules of the server.

We need an ***** to look into these violations!

 Thank you!

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H.a.c.k.e.r. . . .:( [1]

2021.05.19 01:58 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2021.04.28

Opponent could not be killed

2021.04.28 01:58 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2021.04.04

There is a new cheat in the game! Hacking the game for resources. [2]


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작성 시간 2021.02.21

불량이용자신고합니다(2명, 운영자님제발 꼭보세요)

2021.02.21 04:13 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2021.02.05

New Bug Exploitation User :( [1]

2021.02.06 13:28 (UTC+0)