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#슈퍼탱크대작전 #건의사항

Tank_le1nm7dn [KotBegemot]


Admin, you're wrong ... South Korea is dishonored! Why aren't you working on the game? bastards!

1 The main problems of imbalance:

1.1) The game of AI is much weaker than the game of real players. Perhaps you need to create a separate league for fighting AI against AI. That would be fair.

1.2) The expensive weapon of yellow or pink level loses to most of the weapon of gray or blue level. Only a flamethrower burns everything. And the gas burner is too huge for normal use, and also loses the flamethrower. Need to change the balance.

1.3) I gained 15 level flamethrower in 2 years. It really is a very powerful weapon. I propose to release non-flammable armor for parrying the burner and flamethrower. Because now only a couple of opponents are able to resist me at least somehow. Video 

1.4) Supermount works well in autopilot only in attack mode, and in *** mode it works correctly only with cannon firing shells! When mounted on it, machine guns and turns the weapon at 90 degrees from the enemy. This mistake makes it impossible to defend against flying tanks or driving on the ceiling.

1.5) A large mortar is unjustly worth 5 weapon slots - this is a mistake. Since if you build a tank with 5 small mortars of 1 LVL, they will always win against a tank with 1 mortar of 15 LVL. The same with the rocket launcher which occupies 2 slots and the one that occupies 5 slots. All 5 slot weapons must be changed to a smaller number of slots or increased in power. The laser is absolutely useless at its cost ... you need to strengthen it!

1.6) Using the ceiling as a surface interferes with fair play. I suggest adding a damage line from the NPC to the ceiling and walls.


2.The main psychological problems for high lvl players:

2.1) No change in the game, for a long time.

2.2) The inability to develop your account after receiving the maximum level and complete pumping of the necessary weapons. Facebook

2.3) Lack of normal feedback with the developer. We want to communicate with the team of programmers who created this game, make changes and develop it.

2.4) Negative experience of the previous communication with the company smilegate. Some of the problems were ignored for a long time, and there were also innocent punishments, I know that 5 people left the game because of warnings or bans for bugs that were not explained by the administration. Facebook

2.5) The presence of bugs that use low levels to win. Such as tanks stuck in the ceiling or driving on it.

2.6) An unfair search algorithm for an opponent, if you are in the top 1 position, only rivals of a very small level are caught for which only 1 point is given.

2.7) All oil is usually spent on a system of revenge. This is very boring ... before the introduction of this system. It was more interesting to play, because it was not known what the next opponent would be.

2.8) Only one TOP by the maximum rating. It would be interesting to see other statistics for example: by the number of victories, the number of experience, the number of projects sold.

2.9) I also propose to remove the possibility of a fight for viewing advertisements, which is a simplification that makes the game less dynamic.

2.10) Admins should not punish the use of bugs, but should fix them. Only punishment for cheats is fair. However, if bans for bugs are practiced ... all bugs must be demonstrated and explained by the developer!

2.11)To fight for the top is not interesting. When hit first of all, only weak rivals, for which they give +1 point. At the same time, those attacking you take away -30 ... the struggle for the TOP is meaningless and boring. Video

3.The main bugs /errors that everyone uses and which I would remove for a more fair game.

3.1) Caterpillar bug - in an inverted version, it slides along the floor surface like soap in a shower. If it is submerged below the floor structure, it goes backwards, and further along the walls and ceiling Video, if it is unrolled with the help of a spiner, it destroys the enemy’s tank. This is the problem of the totality of the animation and the large mass of details.

3.2) Bug jam parts outside the screen. With the help of this bug, you can easily defeat high levels, as I understand it, they have already started issuing warnings.

3.3) Bug sticking decoration "antenna" in any surface, also during acceleration. Previously, when this antenna weighed very little, it could be fired using a repulsive antenna, destroying enemy tanks. Also now the smoke **** is stuck immediately in the ceiling Video.

3.4) The bug that we called the railgun, with the help of several jet engines and one canister, it is possible to destroy a large tank - by accelerating with these engines it will hit it. Video

3.5) If you put several double guns on several different buttons, then the shield becomes useless. Alternately pressing these buttons the returning projectiles are blocked by the next shot. I propose to ban to put one weapon on different buttons. 

3.6) Machine guns - they are not reflected by the shield, block each other. Using only this weapon and a flying tank, you can defeat almost any tank. I believe that you need to enter the level of armor that the machine guns will not be able to pierce, I think it should be level 15 armor. Or 16 if you expand the range of the maximum level.

3.7) Gatling machine gun is the same situation as with a machine gun, there is no blocking by the shield, but it is blocked by another Gatling.

3.8) The most recent bug I found out about is that the very fast hangar switching before the match immobilizes the enemy tank. Video

4. The main problem with the battle of clans:

4.1 It is impossible to fight with the clan if the difference between the score is more than 32 points. So there are so many clans in the TOP where matches are impossible.  You need to add the ability to attack any clan, for game crystals, even if the search is turned off.

4.2 Very little functionality in the management of the clan! Add a notification about the start of the match, add personal messages, add a level restriction to enter the clan, add the ability to auto kick if the user is absent for more than X days (this will free most dead clans)

4.3 A very bad reward for a clan battle ... for the 15 victories of the match must be a titanium box!

4.4.There is another way to remove inactive clans from the TOP, every day subtract 1 point ...