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Official snowcube

Message Board Event

Break Time! Break Cube! 'SnowCube'

Greetings! This is the SnowCube Customer Service Team.

Hello! We here at the SnowCube Customer Service Team would like to thank you for your support with another event. In addition to our official Facebook page, we also have a community message board at Check out the message board for a chance to receive a reward!

[Message Board Event]

■ Event Period: 1/18 5:00 - 2/4 15:00 UTC

■ Details: During the event, players should make a post on the 'Event Board'.

Ex) Title:  "What's your favorite level?"

Body: "I really liked level 47. The puzzle was really interesting!"

■ Reward: 5 players will be chosen at random to receive 50 Coin.

※ Notice

- Rewards will be sent on 2/7.

- 5 players will be chosen at random to receive the reward.

- Players who make off-topic posts will not be eligible for the reward.