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Players will receive a rank based on how well they do. The higher your rank, the better the rewards you will receive.
There will be two different modes to choose from. In Cube Defense, you can use every item in the game.
In Endless Cubes, you cannot use the Shield or Extra Time items,
although skins that automatically apply them as benefits are allowed.
- How to Play Ranked Games:
1) On the main screen of SnowCube, tap the Trophy icon at the bottom of the screen.
2) Enter a nickname.
3) Select the mode that you would like to play (Cube Defense / Endless Cubes).
- Ranked Mode

1) Cube Defense: Enter by using Heart and solve as many cubes as you can within the given time.
     The more cubes you can solve, the better your rank will be! Additionally,
     players with a higher rank will have more time to solve their cubes, but they also have a higher entry fee.
     Check the chart below for more details.


     ※ If all your Heart have been used, you will not be able to enter Ranked Mode, even with the Heart Free Pass.


2) Endless Cubes: Enter by using Key and try to solve as many cubes as you can without making a single mistake.

    The more cubes you solve, the higher rank you will be. As your rank increases, your entry fee also increases.

    See the chart below for more details.

-  Each season will last 13 days, and on the final day at 19:00 UTC, and each player will receive a 

   reward based on how well they did that season.
-  The rewards will be sent to each player’s in-game Mail.
-  Rewards must be claimed within 7 days of being sent or they will be automatically deleted.
-  Additionally, the next season will begin at 00:00 UTC the day after the prizes have been sent.

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