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Customer Service is extremely disappointing

  • STOVE152630786
  • 2020.10.14 19:08 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 45

I can't send in any inquiries because every time I do, they reply saying that everything is fine or that I just don't see where something is. I legitimately have a bug and they won't acknowledge that fact. I bought a Black Winter Spear Exclusive Equipment for Cecilia and my game crashed when I was going through the tutorial. When I got back into the game, the 40 currency to buy the item was gone, and I could not access the Exclusive Equipment tab in the inventory. I made a Restoration Inquiry to see if I could get the item, since I didn't know I had it, and they sent back a message saying I do have the item. The slot where you can put the equipment on Cecilia is locked, as well, and says that it will unlock when I have acquired an Exclusive Equipment. It's very frustrating that I cannot get this fixed with the bad/nonexistent support.

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