Change your password periodically
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Change your password periodically

Hello, This is STOVE.

We strongly ask our members to change passwords periodicallyand set different passwords for each website to protect their personal information.
If you had registered on STOVE with E-mail,please set a different password compared with your original E-mail account.

Also, STOVE accepts E-mail addresses when members register on our service and sends verification numbers to received E-mail account. So, please set Security functions and change your password periodically.

● Set password in safe

- please set a different password compared with your original E-mail account.

- Please avoid using a name, phone number, predictable password.

- Please use a combination of letters and number and special symbols like !,@,^^,* on your password

- Please add a number or special symbols in the middle of the English letter like 'st^^ove'

● Privacy Policy
- Withdrawal from unused website

- Don't register on the suspicious website

- Don't offer personal information from public computer or use open network

Go to STOVE Security setting page

Go to changing password page

We will do our best to serve you best service.

Thank you.

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Change your password periodically

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