[Notice] STOVE STOVE Security Setting CampaignSetting Campaign
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[Notice] STOVE STOVE Security Setting CampaignSetting Campaign

Hello, This is STOVE.

We would like to guide how to set OTP security services to protect from being stolen from hackers.

Please refer to STOVE OTP set and essential security guidance as below.

● About Changing password

We consider that changing password is one of the easy but difficult method in security field.

We assume that many users usually set and use their password in common.

But STOVE recommends setting and managing password separately in each site, not to use consolidated password.

If you use same password in every site, your account would be targeted in case your account is revealed to hackers.

Even worse, other accounts which are using on other websites could belong to stolen case.

Please be noted that your password can be changed from ' My info' section.

※ Changing password : My info → Basic information → Click 'change' button located in the middle of the page.

※ We recommend using 8~64 digits which are mixed with English and number and special symbol when you change your password

● Setting STOVE OTP

Once you set your account with OTP, your cellphone will receive 8-digits via STOVE app every time log in to our service.

This security service requires to type on Authentication number in time.

Go to OTP service guidance page

※ Download STOVE OTP : Download STOVE Authenticator from Playstore or APP store by searching 'STOVE Authenticator'.

● Block Overseas Login

If you set Block Overseas Login function, you can block the access from other countries except your registered country.

☞ Go to Block Overseas Login

※ Block Overseas Login : My info → Security Settings → Click the 'Configure' button from Block Overseas Login field

● Essential security guidance

- Don't access to any information including E-mail, Text message which is sent from an unknown user

- Don't download an application which is served not official site.

- Update OS and vaccine program periodically.

We promise STOVE will do our best to build the safest platform in the world.

Thank you.

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[Notice] STOVE STOVE Security Setting CampaignSetting Campaign

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