Terms and Conditions Revision (29 DECEMBER 2022)
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Terms and Conditions Revision (29 DECEMBER 2022)

Hello, This is Smilegate STOVE.

We would like guide our members that Smilegate STOVE will merged into Smilegate Holdings.
Please refer to the following change to avoid any inconvenience to the service.

■ Reason for revision
- Policy and company name are revised due to Smilegate STOVE is transfered to Smilegate Holdings

■ Revision contents
- Terms and Conditions of Service Use of STOVE
- Terms and Conditions of Paid-Services of STOVE
- STOVE Operational Policy

Before Amendment

After Amendment

Smilegate STOVE INC
Smilegate Holdings INC

■ Application date and time: 29 DEC 2022

※ Revised contents will be applied if there is not opposite opinion on the revised terms

■ Rejection and Inquiry
- If you have any opinion or question about revised contents, please contact to Customer Center. We will answer your inquiry as soon as we can.

Thank you.

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