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4 years of sadness with the Epic Seven! [1]

  • zeot1br
  • 2022.04.14 16:46 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 55

Good afternoon to all players!

Making this post just to express my sadness with the game.
4 years playing and to get an ML 5*, only in mystic's guaranteed.
ML does not come out in free summons, ML does not come out in the galaxy, it almost never comes out in mystic.
Why is there so much difference between accounts?
Another person who lives with me, gets ML 5* all the time, has a newer account than mine.
I, who have had an account for almost 4 years, is this clowning and suffering.
I've already opened tickets for the support team, to check the RNG and account properties, but I always get vague answers.
Not even with guaranteed 4-5* tickets, after today's update, a 5* came out
It's hard to stay in the game, competing against people who have full premium ML teams.

#epic7 #stove #joke #legend #disappointment #summon #ml

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  • images
    2022.05.05 23:45 (UTC+0)

    Crei que era real hasta que vi el # broma, xd

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