Guidance for resetting password E-mail (3.3 edited)

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Guidance for resetting password E-mail (3.3 edited)

We would like to share additional announcement about resetting password E-mail

STOVE has updated the system including E-mail receive function and STOVE security system on 3/3(THR)

We will keep monitoring on the circumstance and react as soon as we can to serve you best service.

Thank you.


Hello, This is STOVE.

We have received many inquires members have checked the E-mail which requires reset the password from their mail box. We usually send resetting password E-mail as our security process when users ask us to find their password

If you have not asked to us this E-mail, it could be regarded as not permitted access.
Please set STOVE security functions and change your password periodically. .

☞ Go to STOVE Security setting page
☞ Change your password

We are keep monitoring the reported circumstance and provide the guidance to provide safe service.

Thank you

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