2018.5.10 STOVE Update

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Update News


Update News

2018.5.10 STOVE Update

Hi, this is STOVE.

Here’s a list of updates as of May. 10th, 2018.


■ PC Web Page Environment Improvement 

① New Option is added when charging STOVE cash. 

   (Directly input amount of cash is available)

② Credit limit per card will be exposed when charging 
STOVE cash.
③ User Searching Option is improved when you present 

   STOVE cash to other users.

■ Mobile Web Page Environment Improvement

① Member Information Item is improved to be exposed as 

    My Information as PC Web.

② Corrected typos in messages on the Authenticator (OTP) 
    Security Settings page.

■ Common Web Page Environment Improvement

① Fixed the problem that Preview Image and Video isn't exposed when registering 
    post on the Toonspoon Community Page.

② Improved to delete the post immediately when deleting series Toon on the Toonspoon 

   Community Page. 


We will make our best effort to be the STOVE giving you pleasure with various updates.

Thank you.

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