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STOVE shares the guideline about receiving unrequested verification E-mail

  • 2021.11.02 10:58 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE.

We have received many inquiries regarding unrequested verification mail had been sent to our members from 11/1(MON)

STOVE verification E-mail is our security process for registration and finding password service.

We assume that there would be suspected access if you had received unrequested verification E-mail

So, we recommend changing your password periodically and set security function.

☞ Go to STOVE Security setting page
☞ Go to changing password page

Also, unverified account is really vulnerable from brutal force attack and easily be targeted by hackers.
Please verify your account if your account is not verified yet by following process.

STOVE homepage > Log-in > My info > E-mail verification.

We will keep monitoring and proceed fulfill proper action to sustain our service in safe.

Thank you. 

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