7/28(WED) Introduce improved STOVE main page

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7/28(WED) Introduce improved STOVE main page


Hello, This is STOVE.

We would like to introduce improved STOVE main page.  

◎Improved contents
1) Focused on optimizing user's utility and serving consistency with componentizing all of the sources and reflecting responsive web

2) Announcement and Customer Center areas are excluded from the upper bar.

- We will improve customer center's accessibility later.
- How to access to customer center? : Click the 'Customer Center' from the footer area.

● Major updated function
1) Responsive web
- We consider PC / Tablet / Mobile device environment by classifying the resolution with 7 levels

2) Banner
- Improvement on upper banner : Small sized banner is removed and only provide Full sized banner
- Add independent Banner : We add independent banner which is easily catching the eye

3) Game curation
- We display variety games and pick some interesting topics

4) Improvement on design
- Improvement on personalized area : Design has been changed to react for responsive web

- Improvement on displayed cards : Game information will be exposed without mouse over.
- Accessibility from displayed cards has been improved

We will do our best to serve you best service.

Thank you. 

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