7/21(WED) Maintenance in STOVE services (Finished)

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7/21(WED) Maintenance in STOVE services (Finished)

Hello, This is STOVE.

We would like to announce that scheduled maintenance task has been Finished.

We will prepare to our maintenance task to be done well and serve you best of our service

Thank you

We will conduct maintenance task on 21 JUL (WED) to provide improved recharging window delayed from 23 JUN
Please be notified that STOVE will conduct maintenance as follow.

 Maintenance hour
- 2021. 7. 21(WED) 06:00 ~ 10:00 (KST)

◎ Indie games recharging window
-  2021. 7. 21(WED) 06:00 ~ 10:00

※ Thus, Charging in Indie games is available from 10:00 (KST)

Maintenance contents

- STOVE BIilling service stabilization

-Improvement on recharging window

    1) Recharging window will be changed to simple UI

    2) Automatically Select the purchase method which is previously used 

    3) Provide same purchase process regardless of environment 

    4) Provide purchase Notice on the recharging window  

● Maintenance caution
※ Mobile games are available except community service
※ Charging in Indie games is not available until 10:00 (KST)
※ Customer Center also is not available during the maintenance hour

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