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[Suggestion] True Expedition Revamp

Good Afternoon Stove Community & SmileGate,

          I can only pray and hope that the developers over at SmileGate will read this or will get this to the right people. I kind of doubt it but who knows.

I had a conversation with my guild and we were all equally frustrated with how when you complete a Tier 3 Expedition that you seem to get more Lesser Gems than Greater Gems. Completely a Tier 3 Expedition and getting a Lesser Gem is a slap in the face to the time and investment needed to get strong enough to do the appropriate amount of damage to the boss along with the right composition. We also agreed that the Expedition Depot feels honestly like it it could be designed better and could be made to feel more rewarding as well. I came up with an idea on how to fix and address this issue.

Revamp Roadmap Idea:

Tier 1:

Grants a chance of a Lesser Gem. This would make Tier 1 actually farmable for lesser geared players and make them actually worth doing instead of being a means to an end on the way to Tier 3.

Tier 2:

Grants a guaranteed Lesser Gem and a 20% Chance of a Greater Gem. This would be ideal for players that can solo or mostly solo Tier 1 but aren’t geared enough yet for Tier 3.

Tier 3:

Grants a guaranteed Greater Gem with a 1-5% chance of granting an additional Greater Gem based on your damage rank against the boss. This would be the perfect way to reward players appropriately at the T3 level for their time and investment.


Expedition Depot:

The Expedition Depot shouldn’t have a tiered point system but instead should be an actual shop where the points we gain from Expeditions can be spent to purchase items we need that are currently on the tiered track. This would allow people to farm Expeditions for a CHANCE of getting the right stat and set combo while also allowing us the ability to farm the points for the set/stat gems that we want. 

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