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Leif buffs and Team RTA

  • Crou
  • 2020.12.14 03:52 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 44

Firts off I would like to start off saying that I do not write reviews because normally I do not care enough to do so and I think this game has really good potential still, so I really hope someone listens to this message. Small fix, leifs should be at least 100 energy (preferably 120) instead of 80 because the community needs more energy in the state the game is at now. Now I would like to introduce the concept of team RTA, it sounds like a lot and I know RTA i very slowly becoming better and still in the making with bug fixes and playbacks etc. But I think this would be another very fun way to make more people play together and spread the game. How this works: two people would be on each team and they each pre-ban 1 unit (up to 4 units can be pre-banned), they would then draft 1on1 and pick 3 units for each person and post-ban 1 unit each for a total of 4 units on each team of 2. Once this has been initiated, the players who drafted the specific units on the field can only play those units while all 4 players are in the match. This would conclude the concept, I didn't want to make this too long or confusing but I hope someone reads this and it's taken into consideration. Thank you.

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