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Injury set

Don’t put those injury sets out, it’s only going to make ML Violets and ML Vildreds stronger than they already are and what’s the point of building tanks if they’re just going to get demolished with permanent health loss? I do not want to keep getting beaten by people who PAY you guys crazy money for speed equipment, and I don’t want to play a game where there’s only one way of game play (speedy units) to win. You keep making it harder for the Free to Play community to play, you’re going to loose a big chunk of your community. I think these sets are the wrong idea and you should rethink them or at least come up with better sets for people who are best with tanks. Stop buffing characters that are already strong and focus on characters that have potential to be great if you have them better base stats, it’s boring to constantly play against or with the same old characters. You guys are becoming money hungry and it shows, you’re really not doing good with quality right now. Also, stop dropping limited characters every freaking month, it’s too much  

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