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Guidance on the phenomenon for impossible to play the Game from the Client

  • 2020.03.04 03:28 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE.

STOVE had proceeded to update Clint (V.587) but found functional error from the released version.
To fix this error we have just released Clint (V.588) and would like to guide our members how to update latest version.

If you are still connecting to STOVE client, Update couldn't be proceeded automatically.
Please refer to following guidance and update your Client to the latest version (V.588)

1. Please quit from your Client (V.587) if you are still connecting to
2. Then, carry out the Client again and Client will be updated automatically to the latest version (V.588)

Users can check STOVE Client's version as below screenshot

※ Execute STOVE Client - Click the Setting icon located upper right of the Client - Select info tab - Check version info located right


We promise you again that STOVE does best effort to build more safety and delightful environment.

Thank you.  

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