2018.01.17 STOVE Update
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Update News


Update News

2018.01.17 STOVE Update [11]

Hi, this is STOVE.

Here’s a list of updates as of Jan. 17th, 2018.


[Check various contents at a glance]

① Best posts recommended by STOVE

This space is reserved for best posts recommended by STOVE.

You will find lots of fun contents here!

② The game list area has now become more spacy

The game list area has become more spacy so you can see the list of games published by STOVE better.

For your convenience, PC and mobile game tabs has now been separated.

③ Search trends

Trending hashtags will be displayed in this area.

Clicking on a hashtag will guide you to all the posts containing the specific hashtag.

④ Popular posts shown in a card list type

Popular posts by games will be displayed in this area.

They will be shown in a card list type, so more posts could be displayed in a screen.

⑤ STOVE’s hottest postings

You will find the latest and the hottest posts published on STOVE here.

Do not miss it and let yourself get left behind!

⑥ All games’ lists

PC and mobile games have been separated by different tabs, and there will be labeled as CBT, OBT, 

UPDATE by its current service status.

[Renewed Customer Service]

① Independent Customer Service for PC and mobile games

The Customer Services for two different types of games have been separated so we can serve you 

with quality service.

② Improved HELP search function

We’ve improved HELP search function to cope better with your inconvenience with STOVE service.


[Updated in-community messenger service]

Now we will be sending our customers messages regarding new updates and announcements.

You can check your message in My profile > Message menu(unimportant message could also be deleted).

We will try to keep you pleased with further updates and improvements.

Thank you.


댓글 11
알림이 해제되었습니다.
hello why did u shut Talesrunner ? there are a lot of players who actually like this game ! please let us play this game once more re-open it again please!
Actually, I don't understand why you guys shut down TalesRunner service.. I played this game since 7years ago. I'm so sad
I can't play TalesRunner What happened?
I can't play TalesRunner ..  Could u guys fix it in a fast way?I need to play right now
I cannot get into TalesRunner Server. Did you guys shut down the service?

@STOVE lost ark global release ? you need to publish.. Waiting for 4 years
@STOVE71975827 Thank you for praising our service. We are trying to optimize STOVE's Service to meet Customer's expectation.
@hoangtuvip91 Hello, This is STOVE! Thank you for you are having interest in [탄 전장의 진화], But our service is only available in Korea, not other countries. So, This is reason why you can't access to [탄 전장의 진화] anymore. Apologize for your inconvenience. Thank you.
Service Restriction Notice Hello from STOVE.탄 전장의 진화] can no longer be accessed.Period : Illegal Programs Reason : Until 03-26-2118 Send Inquiries Korea : help @ playstove .com Other countries : help-glo @ playstove .com
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