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2017.12.28 STOVE Update

  • 2018.01.02 06:38 (UTC+0)
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Hi, this is STOVE.

Here’s a list of updates as of Dec.28th, 2017.



① Fixed the problem that an error message pops up when you cancel
    subscription from someone’s timeline.

② In writing or modifying a post, issues of image placement and video
    size adjustment has been fixed.

③ Fixed the problem that a blank page shows up when you check an
    alarm message from an already withdrawn user.


■Mobile Web Improvements

① When checking attachments in IOS environment, the playback
    button and the sound source image have been modified to display

② When sharing posts via KakaoTalk, the thumbnail and contents are
    normally displayed.

③Sharing posts via SNS has been modified to work normally.


We will try to keep you pleased with further updates and improvements.

Thank you.


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