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2017.12.13 STOVE Update

  • 2017.12.15 08:17 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 193

Hi, this is STOVE.

Here’s a list of updates as of Dec. 13th, 2017.



■ PC Web Improvements

① Fixed the problem where shared contents via SNS do not show up normally.

② Fixed the problem where incorrect number of friend requests shows up 

    if you have more than 11 friend requests.

③ Fixed an error where you keep receiving friend or subscription requests from 

    your friends or subscribers.

④ Fixed the problem where hashtag area on My Account does not show up in 

    card view.

⑤ Fixed the problem where an error message pops up when you write a post 

    on your friend’s timeline


We will try to keep you pleased withfurther updates and improvements.


Thank you.


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