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Please listen (Not a rage post) [1]

  • STOVE99983432
  • 2019.12.30 11:45 (UTC+0)
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This post is a suggestion to gears in this game. I know the company is very rich and they really dont care about suggestions and eventually do what they do cause they are rich and also i am sure this post wont be red at all by anyone important. Gears in this game has been the biggest rage and boiling point for most players in global.this is not a rage post I know you guys are happy as long as korean's keep paying which they will do but you are ignoring a huge market here. 

You guys already know that so many players cant use the characters they can use cause of gears and whales who whale can get those but even then they require a lot of rng. Right now RTA is really one sided and only players with many whaled gears can participate properly. Heroes are not a major problem in my opinion a lot of the heroes dont shine cause they need extremely good gears to portray maximum output, if gears are more accessible and rng is less when it comes to gear then RTA will be really really diverse, just nerfing everyone wont solve anything. I would suggest that make more azamanaki raids bosses which drops specific gears with a high subtat chance on subs please or make wyvern 12 with more higher and guaranteed substats then rng will decide which substat will get rolled. And make entering those dungeons more easier. Please listen to all the players that love this game specially the youtubers. Many contents are not rewarding after all the hard work as you guys have given all rewards as rng. What incentives will dedicated players have if not they get rewarded for hard work? the rewards are terrible luck? no. I am sure if you guys resolve the gear accessibility most of the community will cool down. then world boss is horrible even if you keep the boss auto atleast make it so that people have to use brains like boss stunning people so keeping immunity matters etc not just work on CP like some whale with no brains also there is no motivation the prices are so bad compared to 20 energy. 

This game has alot of more work and energy uses and low value return than any other game, if you guys want to copy everything from summoner wars atleast dont copy their problems as well. If you guys give more incentives money will come automatically look at clash of clan 10 years still has a huge player base and money comes automatically due to rewards. please atleast do something about the gears and atleast consider what the most popular youtubers are saying. This guy has a lot of good suggestions please please i beg you watch it and atleast listen i beg you guys '' '' please please consider. i know the person who is reading this will drop it off on the first paragraph but if the game company really loves their game and there is a chance someone can transfer this message it can be of some help.

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    2019.12.31 01:00 (UTC+0)



    Hello, this is STOVE

    Thank you for a good idea.  I feel affection for your post. We sent this idea to Epic Seven. 

    If you have any other ideas, please send them to Epic Seven Customer Service.

    Thank you.

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