2017.11.29 STOVE Update
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Update News


Update News

2017.11.29 STOVE Update

Hi, this is STOVE.

Here’s a list ofupdates as of Nov. 29th, 2017.



■ Additional features

① Specifying Representative thumbnail

    In case you need to post a large number ofimages and/or videos,
    you now can specify the representative thumbnail thatappears in the
    bulletin list.

② Searching character’s nickname

    You now can search character’s nickname in communities using

③ Attaching Naver/Kakao videos

    Now you can attach ' Naver ' and ' Kakao 'videos in a post.


■ Improvements

① The Hide menu has been removed from themanagement function
    of your post.

② In View Details, clicking on ESC or ablank space outside the post
    will automatically close the posting.

③ The “Keep loggedin” function from web has been fixed to work

④ Fixed the problem where “List type” notice rolling changes too fast.

⑤ You can change the bulletin board evenwhen you edit your post.

⑥ When you click “MoreInfo” in My Profile at the top of the community
    page,the character name has been modified to not expose in the game
    cache area.


We will try to keep you pleased withfurther updates and improvements.


Thank you.


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2017.11.29 STOVE Update

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