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Guidance note about Improved STOVE Client on 17 DEC 2019

  • 2019.12.19 03:53 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE.

STOVE has started to provide STOVE Client for global users.
We would like to introduce functions of New STOVE Client.

1. STOVE Client provides Game services with more smaller size memory.  

- STOVE Client provides 100MB smaller size memory than old launcher. 

2. Cross Fire Zero has launched official service.

- Cross Fire Zero has officially started Service on Philippine, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.
- Some countries are unable to play Cross Fire Zero because of copyright.

3. STOVE Client provides  Link to Official Homepage, Community Page, Customer Center for Displayed Games.

- Each Link provides convenience for users who try to move to Homepage and Community Page.

- Users  are available to ask their inquiry to Customer Center by clicking shortcut icon.

4. Users are available to meet various Game information via STOVE Client including Update News and Events

- Users can meet various information not only from Community Page also from STOVE Client.

5. Try to use safe and excellent Game file checking and Restoration function when you have problem to play the Game.

If you have some problems with playing STOVE client after Installation or Update

Please send your inquiry to STOVE Customer Center.

We will reply for your inquiry as soon as we can.

We will guide you if there are more updates related to STOVE Client services.

STOVE always do our best to serve you great service.

Thank you. 

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