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Guidance note about improved STOVE Community on 4 DEC 2019 [2]

  • 2019.12.19 03:52 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE.

STOVE has started to provide improved community page service.
We would like to introduce updated points from improved community service.

1. Improved UI from main page
- Log-in field has been moved to left menu
- Log-in field design has been changed more visibly!
- Background image has been added from each community page
- Article area has been improved and design has been changed

2. Main banner
- Meet our latest updates and events via main banner!
- Main banner would not be shown if community doesn't set a banner from the setting
- Rolling Banner will be showed and banners are connected related articles or announcements

3. Most popular contents
- Check popular contents from the main page

4. Improved article area
- Users can see all articles if users click the 'All Posts' menu
- fold/unfold function has been updated noticeably
- letter font/design/color has been improved more noticeably
- Popular Tags will be shown on the bottom of the left menu

5. Design improvement from mobile environment
- Events an announcement will be located on center considering mobile environment.
- Provide various types of the board for visibility
- STOVE recommended contents will be served from the bottom of the page

We will guide you if there are updates related to STOVE Service.
STOVE always do our best to serve you great service.

Thank you. 

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