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2019.11.20 STOVE Update

  • 2019.12.19 03:11 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE.

We would like to guide you 25 SEP Updates.

1. View 'My Login record page' from My info > Security Settings is improved
- Linked buttons are added which are located bottom of the page.
- Log-in environments would be served from 'My Login record page' (WEB/GAMES/Community/
- Log-in time is improved to reflect real accessed country.

2. Customer Center's design is improved to be more intuitive.
- Select the service that you want to access from Customer Center. You can find 10 FAQ Questions from this page and choose proper categories from the bottom of the page.
- You can also read announcements from the service you may have chosen.

  - Chat bot system is updated from the Epic seven. You can ask some questions and search the Gaming information located right-under from Epic Seven Customer Center. (Supported language : English)

We will guide you if there are updates related to STOVE Service.
STOVE always do our best to serve you great service.

Thank you. 

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