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Need game optimization [1]

  • STOVE81066295
  • 2019.12.13 01:28 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 70

We need an optimization patch. the game is getting too big for cell phone. It is now over 2.4 Gigabits and can not be stored on SD Card and has to run in internal memory. I suggest suggest deleted unneeded data. New Patches keep taking up more and more memory. Soon I wont be able to have the game on my cell phone.

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    2019.12.13 04:27 (UTC+0)



    Hello, This is STOVE.

    If you have a problem with Epic7,
    Please send your inquiry to Epic7 Customer Center.

    We sent this post to Epic7 Customer Center.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

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